Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 21, 2006 Hear Here

Friday April 21

The Elevens 7pm
Patricia Vonne, Ray Mason Band
Play: Guitarras y Castanuelas

Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton 8pm
Mark Schwaber, Yucky Octopus
Play: Torture Ground

Club Helsinki 9pm
Dub as a Weapon
Play: Leave I & I

Saturday April 22

Club Helsinki 9pm
Aphrodesia & Shokazoba
Play: Aphrodesia - Trouble

Willimastown Jazz Festival
'62 Center 8pm
Stefon Harris & Blackout
Play: Blackout

Beardslee Castle Eidolon III
Starts at 4pm
Q-Burns Abstract Message (House-Astralwerks & Eight Dimension)
Jack McDevitt (Breakbeat)
BillyBob and Depth (House)
Jen Haley (House)
Scooby and H-Bomb (Breakbeat)
Jay Balance and Mikey Parkay (Electrofunk)
Lodge Johnson (House)
Sean Place and Kemp (House & Techno)
Luis Elusivo and Shaun Josef (Progressive House)
DA and Reinz (House-Evolve)
El Chupacabras
Asrael (Drum & Bass)
Ransom (Drum & Bass)
Miz-Eysis w/ MC Trust (Drum & Bass)
Scruff McGruff (Drum & Bass)
Mentally Ill (Drum & Bass)
Force (Drum & Bass)
KrazyGlue (Drum & Bass)
Milkdud (Drum & Bass)
The bands performing this year will be:
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Psylab (
Tree Wizards (
The Sixfifteens (
Teknique (
Play: Psylab - Cerebral Injection

Sunday April 23

Club Helsinki 12:30
WBCR-LP Benefit Brunch
Bernice Lewis
Play: Normal's just a setting on the Washing Machine

Lark Tavern 3pm
453 Madison Ave Albany
Paddy Kilrain Benefit Concert
3:00 Valerie Webb
3:15 Alycia Ercums
3:30 Knotworking
3:50 Mitch Elrod & Ben Himmelfarb
4:05 Terry Phelan
4:20 Hannah Imbesi
4:35 Steve Moss
4:50 Rob Jonas
5:05 Jason Martin
5:20 Rhumpas (drum ensemble)
5:30 Laura Boggs
5:45 Sarita
6:00 Byrds of Prey
6:20 Frank Jaklistch
6:45 John Brodeur
7:05 Late Like Us
7:30 Brian Bassett
7:50 ?!? Mystery Guest ?!?
8:10 Bryan Thomas
8:35 MotherJudge, Mitch Elrod & Steve Candlen
9:00 Pirate School

Play: Alycia Ercums - I'm Sorry (I Don't Apologize)
Bryan Thomas - Sam

The link to the photo essay by Brenda Ann Kenneally:

Monday April 24

Iron Horse 8:30pm
The Bell Orchestre (feat. members of Arcade Fire), Snailhouse
Play: Snailhouse - Radio
The Bell Orchestre - Les lumineres Pt 1


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