Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hear Here for April 1-7, 2011.

Lion's Den: The Reformers
Castle St.: Rob & Pete Putnam, Jeff Stevens, Rob kelly
Dream Away Lodge: Chris Merenda
Club Helsinki: Ljova and the Kontraband (8pm)
Infinity Hall: Catie Curtis (8pm)
Flywheel: Older Than Hours, Timecard, Thrillpillow (8:30pm)
Media Mansion: Container, Nightburger, Color Rabbit, Limbs Bin, Baby Barnyard
Ground Zero (Troy): Falcon Arrow, Mindtroll (8pm)
The Egg: Toad the Wet Sprocket
Northern Lights: Gogol Bordello, Forro In The Dark (8pm)
Iron Horse: 7pm Nicole Atkins, Marc Pinansky of Township
Iron Horse: 10pm Toubab Krewe, Lynx
Caffe Lena: Mike Agranoff (8pm)
Red Square: An Evening with Cornmeal (8pm)

Mahaiwe: Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder (8pm)
Colonial: Foghat (8pm)
Lion's Den: Jeff Gonzales Trio
Dewey Hall: Bruce Mandel (7:30pm)
Castle St.: Teresa Broadwell Trio (swing jazz violin and vocals)
Dream Away Lodge: David Kraal, Amy Laber
Club Helsinki: Spottiswoode & His Enemies (9pm)
Infinity Hall: Jonathan Edwards (8pm)
Feeding Tube Records: Wet Hair, Sore Eros, Blanche Blanche Blanche
Flywheel: The Expandable Brass Band (1pm)
Flywheel: Tropical Punk, The Warblers, Kick! Kick!, Music Band (8pm)
The Egg: David Bromberg Big Band, Al Kooper & The Funky Faculty
Iron Horse: 7pm Kaki King, Joe Robinson
Iron Horse: 10pm Mean Creek, Doomstar!, Tony the Bookie
Calvin: Martin Sexton, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion (8pm)
Pearl St.: Fear Nuttin Band, The Alchemystics, Danny Pease and the Regulators, Doctor Doom Orchestra (CD release for FNB) (8:30pm, upstairs)
Pearl St.: The McLovins (9pm, clubroom)
Caffe Lena: Danny Kalb Trio (8pm)
Red Square: Consider the Source, EatLiz, The Malah (8pm)

Lion's Den: Adams brothers
Infinity Hall: Kaki King (7:30pm)
Diamond Junction Lanes: Kurt Weisman, Nat Baldwin, GW Myers, Graph (7pm)
Northern Lights: MiMosa (7pm)
Iron Horse: William Fitzsimmons, Slow Runner (7pm)
Caffe Lena: Skidmore Small Jazz Ensembles (7pm)
The Linda: NRBQ's Terry Adams and his R&R Quartet (8pm)
Spotty Dog: Colin Fisher (aka Elfin Choirs) + Nick Millevoi (7pm)
Feeding Tube Records: MV/EE+Mick Flower, WIllie Lane
Iron Horse: Marcia Ball (7pm)

Lion's Den: Dan Stevens
Iron Horse: Willy Porter, Jason Myles Goss (7pm)

Lion's Den: Willie Nininger
Infinity Hall: Mati Jones & Don Dixon (8pm)
Iron Horse: George Winston (7pm)

Lion's Den: Kyle Love
Spotty Dog: The Fools, Sean T. Hanratty, Cyrus Gengras (7pm)
Club Helsinki: JP Harris & The Tough Choices, The Sweetback Sisters (8pm)
Infinity Hall: Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone (8pm)
Feeding Tube Records: Michael Morley/C. Spencer Yeh/Meg Clixby, Dylan Nyoukis/Id M Theft Able/Angela Sawyer, Dredd Foole/Chris Corsano, Matt Krefting solo
Flywheel: Mountain Interval, Little Gold, Lovey Dovies, One Happy King (7pm)
Northern Lights: Peter Murphy (7pm)
Old Songs (Voorheesville) Garnet Rogers, Archie Fisher
Iron Horse: 7pm Hoots and Hellmouth, Girls, Guns, and Glory
Iron Horse: 10pm Orange Television, Who'da Funk It
The Linda: Melissa Ferrick (8pm)
Red Square: Dopapod & Higher Organix (8pm)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hear Here for July 10 - 16, 2010.

Guthrie Center: Jonathan Edwards
Iron Horse: John Eddie, Group Deville (7pm)
Gypsy Joynt: Nora Jane Struthers
Lion's Den: Rob Sanzone
Rt. 7 Grill: John Roberts & Steph Campbell (5-8)
The Elevens: Sway, Friends of Yours, You Can Be a Wesley, Trials and Tribulations (9pm)
Flywheel: Aaron Rosenblum, Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Baby-Makers
Media Mansion: Caboladies, Pak, Radio People, River Eater
Castle St.: Jason Ennis Trio, guitar
Dream Away Lodge: Bobby Sweet
Room @ Rebel Sound: The Thickness, Lion Cub, Condition Oakland, Mayday Underground, Dead Radio Rebels (7pm)
Spotty Dog: Debutante Hour (8pm)
Infinity Hall: The Smithereens (8pm)
Valentines: The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, Your Demise
The Linda: Harvest of Hope Concert with Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie

Guthrie Center: Jonathan Edwards
Iron Horse: The Jill and Julia Show (Jill Sobule & Julia Sweeney) (7pm)
Iron Horse: Hendersin: One Night Only (10pm)
Gyspy Joynt: Kinobe (8pm)
Helsinki: Grupo Fantasma (9pm)
Main St. Public House: Marty Jimmons Bluegrass (8:30pm)
PACE: Planet Zydeco (8pm, dance lessons 7:30)
Lion's Den: Unfulfilled Desires
Altamont Fairgrounds: Countryfest with Blake Shelton, Gretchen Wilson, Jason Michael Carroll, Davi Nail, Chuck Wicks, the JaneDear Girls, the Hillbilly Horns
Castle St.: Mo Rancourt Trio, trumpet, vocals
Dream Away Lodge: Tony Lee Thomas
Sandisfield Arts Center: From Woad to Wellingtons with Ben Luxon, Fiddler Maggie Holtzberg, Piper Nancy Tunecliffe and singer Gwendolyn Tunecliffe (8pm)
Room @ Rebel Sound: Land of the Giants, Wicked Fag, Nate Blasdell, Back to Normal (7pm)
Infinity Hall: Shawn Colvin, Meg Hutchinson (8pm)
Valentines: The Devil Wears Prada, Miss May I, Your Demise
Northern Lights: Minus the Bear, Everest, Keep Away
The Linda: Anais Mitchell, Mike & Ruthy (8pm)

Mahaiwe: Patti LuPone
Iron Horse: Amose Lee, Mutlu (7pm)
The Elevens: Leisure Colony, Yellow Fever, J.P. & The Redemptions, Constantly Burning Fire, Young and Old (8:30pm)
Pearl St.: Titus Andronicus, Hallelujah the Hills, Whirl (8:30pm)
Lion's Den: Housatonic Philharmonic
Dream Away Lodge: Rick Berlin
Infinity Hall: Blue Oyster Cult (8pm)
SPAC: Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Dukes (8pm)
Caffe Lena: John Gorka, The Buskers

Flywheel: Bee Mask, Harpoon Pole Vault, TBA (8pm)
Lion's Den: Kerry Boys
Room @ Rebel Sound: THe Sidekicks, The Disaster March, Still Rings True, midi & the modern dance (7pm)
Northern Lights: Attack! Attack! & Parkway Drive, Pierce the Veil, Confide, Rick Whispers
Bushnell Park (hartford): Fela Kuti Tribute Band

Flywheel: Bunny's a swine, The Frills, Neighbors, Moving Pictures (8pm)
Iron Horse: Grupo Fantasma (7pm)
Lion's Den: Woodford Way
Bearsville Theatre: Todd Rundgren (8pm)
Calvin Theatre: Natalie Merchant (8pm)

Flywheel: Matt Krefting Band, Sunset, Bourgeois Heroes, Sleep Good
Iron Horse: Bear in Heaven, Twin Sister, Mountain Man (8:30pm)
Media Mansion: Julian Lynch, Sore Eros, ???
Lion's Den: Christopher John
Infinity Hall: Renaissance (8pm)
The Egg: Joan Armatrading
Caffe Lena: Mary Leigh Roohan (7pm)

Flywheel: So Cow, The Procedure Club, Polite Sleeper
Iron Horse: Rosie Ledet & The Zydeco Playboys (7pm)
Iron Horse: Suckers, Dom (10pm)
Lion's Den: Prentice Pilot
Dream Away Lodge: Kali Baba, TLT, John Nalepa and T Rex
Infinity Hall: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars (8pm)
Northern Lights: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, AThe Tribal Seeds

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hear Here for May 28 - June 4, 2010

Guthrie Center: Meg Hutchinson
Lion's Den: B.O.B.
Main St. Public House: Thunda Vida Reggae (9pm)
Dream Away: Bobby Sweet
Club Helsinki: FODfest
Iron Horse: 7pm: Barefoot Truth (acoustic show)
Iron Horse: 10pm: Cadillac Sky
EMPAC: Steve Lehman Octet (8pm)
Casper Land: Mark Denardo, NonHorse, Loud Objects (7:30pm,
Bearsville Theater: Deborah Harry and Chris Stein, Tracy Bonham, more (8pm)
Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School: Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, The Ladies Auxiliary Ukelele Orchestra (
The Room @ Rebel Sound Records: Pride of the Atlantic, 23 Enigma, Little Victory, The Damaged, Just Say So (7pm)
Infinity Hall: Jeff Pitchell & Texas Flood, Joe Bouchard (founder of BOC) (8pm)
Flywheel: Clan of the Cave Bear, Supernaturelle, Loup-Garou, Bonosound (8pm)
The Elevens: Drew Hickum & The Colonels, The Lonesome Brothers, Eolune (8pm)
John Doe Jr.: Bunnybrains, Nina Violet, Paradise Camp 23 (7:30pm)
Red Square: Fever Train (8pm)

Guthrie Center: Kate Taylor
Colonial Theatre: FODfest
Lion's Den: The True Tones
Mass MoCA: Carolina Chocolate Drops, Duke and the King (8pm)
Dream Away: Ten Minute Turns, Freakwent Flyahs
Iron Horse: Unit7, Sugartown (7pm)
East Durham, NY: East Durham Irish Festival w/ Black 47, Hair of the Dog, Barleyjuice, the Kitty Kelly Band, pipe bands and more... (518-634-2286)
Napa: Caravan of Thieves
The Room @ Rebel Sound Records: The Upwelling, Awkward Ending, One Bright Day, Petulant Child, Honeycreeper (7pm)
Infinity Hall: Big Shot "The Ultimate Billy Joel Experience" (8pm)
The Elevens: Utah, The  Devil's Moses, Outer Stylie (9pm)
MMTT's Basement: Mail Myself To Thoreau, Jaclyn Falk, Xiann Mathewx, Sweaty Buttons (7pm)
Albany Sonic Arts: Pine Smoke Lodge, Cruudeuces, Grab Ass Cowboys, Jefferson Pitcher (8pm, Upstate Artists Guild)
Monte Alban: Berkshire Bateria (10pm)
Shaker Mill Tavern: Smile (9:30pm)
Red Square: Brian Goss Band, My Fair Planet (8pm)

Lion's Den: Woodford Way
Dream Away: Poor Becket Rebels
The Room @ Rebel Sound Records: FSOD, F***ing Mess, Nixon's Spirit, Listen to the Sky, The Poachers, Speak of the Horse (1pm)
Infinity Hall: FODfest (8pm)
The Elevens: Nu Sensae, Shearing Pinx, Io Pan!, Backwoods Payback, Beltonesuicide (9pm)

Lion's Den: Christopher John
Iron Horse: Tab Benoit (7pm)
Flywheel: Needlegun, Sord, Eggs Eggs
The Elevens: Lord Jeff, Moon Pie, Space Tigers, Many Mansions, Tape Jazz (9pm)

Lion's Den: Tom Carroll
The Elevens: Constantly Burning Fire, Reptar, Co co Ri co (8pm)

Lion's Den: Housatonic Philharmonic
Infinity Hall: Edgar Winter (8pm)
Red Square: Darlingside, Alta Mira

Lion's Den: David Grover
Dream Away: Rev Tor
Infinity Hall: Marcia Ball (8pm)
Flywheel: Twilight of the Century, Son of a Bitch (8pm)
Iron Horse: 7pm: Kristin Hersh, Oweihops
Iron Horse: 10pm: Bio Ritmo: The Salsa Machine
Calvin Theater: Pretty Lights, Chiddy Bang (8pm)
Red Square: Turbine (8pm)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hear Here for April 23 - 30, 2010.

Lions Den: Satellite Shine
Colonial Theatre: Sarah Vowell (8pm)
Main St. Public House: Michael Louis Band (9pm)
Dream Away Lodge: Marjorie Thompson and Greg Franklin
Iron Horse: 7pm: John Gorka, Elana Arian
Iron Horse: 10p: Rusty Belle (CD release)
Calvin: The Wailin' Jennys, Joy Kills Sorrow (8pm)
Pearl St.: Bassnectar, DJ Vadim, Dan Correia (9pm)
PACE: Zoe Lewis, Audrey Ryan (8pm)
The Elevens: Finn Riggins, Fiesta Brava, The Brass (9pm)
Media Mansion: Vialka, Horse Spirit Penetrates, Rotten Apples, Isa Christ, Kyle Clyde
Valentines: Premonitions of War, Israfel, In the Casket, Maggot Brain, Planet Eater (7pm, upstairs)
Valentines: Scientific Maps (CD release), Man Scouts, Bill Chambers (downstairs, 8pm)
The Egg: Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, John Hammond
Red Square: Backyard Tire Fire, basement band (8pm)
Skidmore College: JFK of MSTRKRFT, the Walkmen, the Postelles (7pm)
Caffe Lena: Eric Taylor (8pm)
Palace Theatre:  Albany Symphony Orchestra: Tchaikovsky Spectacular
Revolution Hall: Livingston Taylor (7pm)
Infinity Hall: Richard Shindell, Chris O'Brien (8pm)
The Room @ Rebel Sound Records: The Furiousity, Gimlet Slip, The Jonee Earthquake Band, One Bright Day, The Emergency Empire (7pm)

Mahaiwe: Close Encounters With Music presents: Chopin and His Circle (6pm)
Colonial Theatre: Beatlemania Again (8pm)
Lion's Den: Roger Salloom
Spotty Dog: Slink Moss (8pm)
Dream Away Lodge: Bernice Lewis
Dewey Hall, Mountain Laurel Square and Contra Dance
Iron Horse: 7pm:  Thank You Friends: A Celebration of Alex Chilton of Big Star and the Box Tops featuring:  Chris Collingwood of Fountains of Wayne, Mark Mulcahy, Winterpills, Henning Ohlenbusch, Rick Murname, Thane Thomsen, Dave Houghton, Lesa Bezo, Sitting Next to Brian, Matt Silberstein, & Paper Piano
Iron Horse: 10pm: Zach Deputy (one-man band)
Hampshire College Tavern: 2nd Annual Up in Smoke Fest w/ Vialka (France) Satanized (Philly) Pfisters (Baltimore) Wayward (Baltimore) Holy Sheet (Providence) Grey Skull (8pm)
Valentines: Schleigho, My Fair Planet (upstairs, 8pm)
The Egg: Qawwali & Ghazal Night
Red Square: Timbre Coup & BuzzUniverse (8pm)
Caffe Lena: George Drew and Allen Hoey (2-4pm)
Caffe Lena: Catie Curtis, Elana Arian (8pm)
The Room @ Rebel Sound Records: St. Jacques, Cabinets of Natural Curiosities, Aidan, Matt Anish, Just Say So (7pm)
Napa: Mike & Ruthy

Lion's Den: Mark Fisher
Caffe Lena: Sweetback Sisters (7pm)
Revolution Hall: Easy Star All-Stars, Dr. Jah & The Love Prophets
Infinity Hall: David Knopfler, Seth Glier (8pm)

Lion's Den: Micah Stone
The Elevens: The Libyans (9pm)

Lion's Den: Jeff Martell
Iron Horse: John Cruz (7pm)
Pearl St: OK Go, Earl Greyound, The Booze (7pm)
Valentines: Greg Ginn & The Taylor Texas Corrugators, Robo France, Cinema, Cinema (downstairs 8pm)
Bearsville Theater: Elvis Perkins In Dearland

Lion's Den: Sandy Lord
Iron Horse: Family of the Year, Willy Mason (8:30pm)
The Elevens: Strange Creek Battle of the bands (final showdown) (9pm)
Rendezvous: MPBE#26: Boston Lamb & Veal, Shea Mowat, video by Jeff Striker, lecture by Emily Brewster, DJ Jenny O
Red Square: Papadosio & Jimkata, Sonic Spank (8pm)
Caffe Lena: Amy Regan (7pm)
Infinity Hall: The Cartells

Lion's Den: Deja Vu
Iron Horse: Mick Taylor (7pm)
Iron Horse: Here We Go Magic, Neighbors (10pm
Red Square: Purifier, Whiskey and the Devil, Emergency Empire, Sixx Killa (8pm)
Infinity Hall: Antigone Rising, Adam Ezra (8pm)