Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hear Here July 28, 2006

Friday July 28

Castle Street
Stephanie Nakasian [Play: All of Me]

Jane Bunnett and the Spirits of Havana [Play Arrival (3:11)]

Iron Horse 7pm
Mary Gauthier, Jeremy Wallace
[Play: I Drink]

Guthrie Center 8pm (413) 528-1955
Guitarist Jodi Martin - [Screwed Up (2:49)]

Berkshire College in Pittsfield, MA 7pm
Monkey Gone Mad - Thank You
Hector on Stilts, & Channel

Valentines Downstairs @ 8pm 518-432-6572
The Reverse - Tell Your Mother
Happy Returns [Jason Spiro] - Clonez
Chris Brokaw
wsg The Reverse / Tara Needham and Todbot / Poem Rocket / Jason Spiro

Flywheel 6:30
THE MCFEELYS Fast Hardcore/punk out of Western Mass.
RELICS Hardcore/Punk from Amherst,MA.
THE MARKED MEN Garage Punk Rock N Roll from Denton,Tx on Swami Records. [Someday

and a Little Time]
THE IRRITATORS Fast Hardcore/punk from Wmass. Ex members of: Last In Line, The

Strikers, Wishful Thinkinng, The prowl and all the other good bands they where in.
POLAR BEAR CLUB Punk/Indie from Rochester,NY [Resent and Resistance]

Saturday July 29

Bishop's Lounge 10pm-1:30am (413) 586-8900
Audible mainframe - Nobody's Nomad

Elevens 10pm
Alchemystics - Rap Star

WAMC Perf Arts Center 2:49
Slaid Cleaves - Millionaire

Sunday July 30
Jeremy Wallace - Lickin My Lips

Tuesday August 1

Flywheel 7pm
7pm $6
AMPERE Short. Fast. Loud. Amherst Punx.
LA QUIETE Amazing emotive hardcore from Italy!!!
PHOENIX BODIES Screamy hardcore, grind, and thrash from Indiana. ex-Mara'akate
TINY HAWKS 2-piece melodic punk from Providence, RI

Play Tiny Hawks - the things you belong to and those that belong to you
La Quiete - Raid areo sul paese delle farfalle


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