Friday, March 23, 2007

March 23, 2007 Hear Here


Club Helsinki
Elana James - 24 hours a day

The Egg 8pm
Ethel - Chai

SAT MAR 24th

Sanctuary for Independent Media
Trio X - 10pm
An evening of cutting-edge jazz with master improvisers Joe

McPhee, reeds, Dominic Duval, bass, and Jay Rosen, drums.
Play: Dominc Duvall and Joe McPhee - Amazing Grace (from

Rules of Engagement Vol 2)

Calvin Theater 8pm
Mary Chapin Carpenter - Your Life Story

Pearl Street 8:30pm
Do Make Say Think
The Berg Sans Nipple - Play: Swordfighting

Clart Art Institute 8pm
BeauSoleil with michael doucet - bye bye boozoo

Sarah Borges - Same Old 45

Sunday March 25

rEVOLUTION hALL 9PM 518-274-0553
Celebration Of Celts Presents Coyote Run

Lions Den
Pierce Campbell - The Moonshiner
Original, folk, Irish & guitar instrumentals

Lark Tavern, Sunday

The Rev Records, a new local re- cord label founded by local

mover and shaker Harith Abdullah, is initiating a monthly

performance series to be held at the Lark Tavern on the last

Tuesday of every month. This Sunday there will be a concert

and bake sale (yes, you read that correctly) to kick off the

series. The featured performers (all Rev artists) are Laura

Boggs (whose recent CD, Whiskey & Springtime, was released

in November), Tom McWatters, Matt McWatters, Jared Funari,

Bessam Sam, the Xylophones, and Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo

Banned. The party will continue post-live-music with the

help of DJ Lady Luck. So join the cast of the Rev Records’

family and buy my treats (unfortunately, we cannot guarantee

that there will be “special” brownies available). All

proceeds go to support the label. Also: We heard rumors of a

rock-paper-scissors tournament taking place, but don’t quote

us on that. (March 25, 8 PM, free, 453 Madison Ave., Albany,

Play: Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned - Dave's Song

Academy Hall Auditorium 8pm
GZ is putting on a band show to raise money for the "Troy

Cinema and Visual Arts Group." The group is going to put on

a series of screenings of art-house movies in various places

in Troy, for cheap. Eventually, they want to have enough

money to get their own theater. And, it's being headed by

Ground Zero co-founder Will Gill.

Anti-Jazz Quartet Ensemble -- Disgusted by the pretentious

nature of modern jazz and avant-garde music, the Anti-Jazz

Quartet Ensemble seeks to undermine the conventions of the

experimental music world. In the same vein as the punks of

the 1970s, the quartet takes this "high-art" form and places

it in the hands of average rock musicians and listeners.

While the music may be experimental, it is not alienating.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 -- Epic post-rock in the vein of

Explosions in the Sky. From soft, ambient melodies to

driving crescendos

New Beginnings

Play: On a scale of 1 to 10 - NIX

Calvin Theater
Lucinda Williams - uNSUFFER mE
Heartless Bastards

Downstairs @ 7pm
Sugar Eater / Pericles / Honeycreeper / Pom Pom Death / Grab

Ass Cowboys
Play Pom Pom Death - hit the showers hit the pavement

Iron Horse 7pm
Mozart was a Punk with Tenor Nathan Granner and

Classical/Flamenco Guitarist Beau Bledsoe
Bringing an unusual mix of classical music to younger

audiences in unusual places, Sony recording artist Nathan

Granner and Beau Bledsoe have consistently challenged

audiences throughout the world. Programs include new

commissioned works, innovative transcriptions of classical

and popular song as well as genre-bending renditions of

American Spirituals and traditional Flamenco. They are

earning standing ovations everywhere they go

Play: nathan granner and baeu bledsoe - die Nebensonnen

Tuesday March 27

Cafe Latino at Mass MoCA 10pm
The Mint Chicks (NZ) - Crazy_Yes!_Dumb_No!
The Prayers
Nicky Click
Hornet Leg - Covered in Blood

The Egg 7:30
Lucinda WIlliams - Unsuffer Me

Wednesday March 28

Iron Horse 8:30pm
My Brightest Diamond - Golden Star
Our Lady of Bells

Thursday March 29
Pearl Street 8:30pm
Sebadoh, The Bent Moustache - Original Line-Up Reunion


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