Friday, April 24, 2009

Hear Here for April 24 - 30

Club Helsinki: Frank Carillo & the Bandoleros (9pm)
Mahaiwe: Rufus Wainwright, Sloan Wainwright (8pm)
Main St. Public House: Abby Lappen (8:30pm)
Castle St.: BTUs
Dream Away Lodge: Rosewood Thieves
Mission: Jenee Halstead with Donovan Roberts (8pm)
Iron Horse: Junior Brown, The Lonesome Brothers (7pm)
Pearl St: Granola Funk Express, Elijah Divine, DJ megha (9pm)
The Elevens: Jackhammer Soul (7-10pm)
Hampshire College Tavern: Jets and snakes, the Government, boomsnake, hawaiian boyfriend (8pm)
21 center st. basemenet noho: Lord Jeff, prince rama of ayodhya, truman peyote (9:30pm)
Valentine's: The Erotics, Demons Alley, Hijinx, Roller Rockers (8pm)
Northern Lights: Tesla, The Leo Project, Damage
Red Square: Boombox, Peace Stormwind & Jeff Bujak (8pm)
Revolution Hall: goodship Offical Unofficial TNO Afterparty w/ the Jerks (back from japan + jenks), McGillicuddy
The Linda: Justin Townes Earle
Caffe Lena: Red Molly

Mahaiwe: Close Encounter With Music: Beethoven and Shostakovich (6pm)
Club Helsinki: The Overtakers (9pm)
Castle St.: Mike Schiffer Duo
Dream Away Lodge: Chris Merendia, Milton
Mission: Mark Erelli (8pm)
Rebel Sound Records: The Damaged, White Boys Can't Jump, This Name is Taken (7pm)
Iron Horse: The Nields (7pm)
Iron Horse: Gokh-Bi System (10pm)
The Elevens: Space Captain, Our Mothers are Gods, Color, The Devil's Moses
Valentine's: Machete, Problem with Dragons, Vermin Feast (9pm)
The Egg: Mark O'Connor (7:30pm)
Northern Lights: Burning Human, Skinless, Brick by Brick, Ashes of Atrocity, The Viking
Red Square: Psylab, Synewave (8:20pm)
Revolution Hall: Moon Boot Lover, Eric Margan and the Red Lions, Matt Durfee
Caffe Lena: Tom & Thomasina Winslow with Nick Katzman
Albany Sonic Arts @ Upstate Artists Guild: Corridors, Benny Nelson/Jay Sullivan, Delicate Sen (8pm)
Brass Cat: Angry Johnny and the Killbillies
Bistro 186: SPF-4

Club Helsinki: The Styx County Fair (8pm)
Iron Horse: Ponytail, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Rabbit Rabbit (8:30pm)
The Elevens: The Trials & Tribulations, Dame Satan (SF), Saint Solitude (NC), Sore Eros, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (ME)
Caffe Lena: Anais Mitchell

Club Helsinki: Yellow House Jazz Band (7pm)
The Elevens: Bunnys A Swine, Whoreafrost, Technoir MA, The Static, Amargosa
Valentine's: Hjertestop, Anal Warhead, Reagan's Still Dead (7pm)

Iron Horse: Sara Walkins of Nickel Creek, Brooke Brown-Saracino (7pm)
Northern Lights: Gavin Rossdale, Endless Hallway
Red Square: Ninja Academy (8:20pm)

Iron Horse: Allan Holdsworth Trio (7pm)
Rendezvous (turners falls): QFWFQ Duo, K Olive McKeon (+Lily Gold), Kate Rainy, Gerald Clark III
Valentine's: The Deadbeats (10pm)
Northern LIghts: Family Force 5, 30H!3, The Maine, Hit the Lights, A Rocket To the Moon

Iron Horse: Smokin' Joe Kubek Band featuring Bnois King (7pm)
Valentine's: The Dirties, The Whack Jobs (9pm)
Northern Lights: Eve 6, Young and Divine, Last Minute Letter
Red Square: Sugarproof, Deja (8pm)


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