Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hear Here for December 24 into 2010.

Lion's Den: Christopher John

Lion's Den: Ras Moon
Monterey General Store: Big Free Concert w/ Sammy Brown, Hailey Brown, Peter Poirier, Joel Schick, Robin O'Herin, David Hodge, Karen Berger, Vikki True (7:30pm, 528-4437)
Bogies: Donny Sawyer
Castle St: John Esposito, solo piano
Dream Away Lodge: Daniel R. Ziemba
Flavours: Green Mountain Pranksters
Chrissy Farm: Jordan Loder and friends (Chris Merenda, John Clarke, Evan Randal, Bob, Sue, and MAX MACVEETY, Miles Lally, Waren Byrd, Sam Crawford, Lisa Anderson, Miles Lally, Ben Senterfit, Mrle, Sean Barry)
The Room @ Rebel Sound Records: Signals Under Seas, Pulln' Me Back, Ostia, Soul Train, Nobody Likes A Hero (7pm)
Iron Horse: John Eddie, Sarah borges & The Broken Singles (7pm)
Pearl St.: All That Remains, Medicated Savage, Once Beloved, Calling Hour (7pm)
Caffe Lena: Annie and the Hedonists
Revolution Hall: Blue Hand Luke (doors: 7pm)
Red Square: Peter Prince & Moon Boot Lover (8pm)
Bearsville Theater: New Riders of the Purple Sage, Professor Louie and the Crowmatix
Infinity Hall: Eight to the Bar (8pm)
Pittsfield Masonic Temple: United Africans of the Berkshires - End of the Year Party (7:30pm)
Underground Pub: Tony Lee Thomas Band (9pm)

Lion's Den: Deja' Vu
The Room @ Rebel Sound Records: Colossus, Think Again, Stand By Me, Crucial Times (1pm)
Iron Horse: Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, Dennis Crommett (7pm)
Caffe Lena: Racquette River Rounders

Iron Horse: New Riders of the Purple Sage (7pm)

Lion's Den: Tom Corrigan
Iron Horse: Jeff Pitchel and Texas Flood (7pm)

Lion's Den: Gopher Broke
Castle St.: Leo Russo/Mike Novakowsk
The Room @ Rebel Sound Records: The Heisman Hopefuls,  Matthew Parsons, Goodbye For A Day, Scrumtrillescent (7pm)
Iron Horse: Enter The Haggis (7pm, 10pm)
Rendevous (Turners Falls): MPBE #24: SOUNDPOETRY WASSAIL! Andy Laties & Rebecca Migdal Andrea Pensado Ben Hersey id M theftABLE AnthroREX, man DB Russell Mr. Uterus & Pretty Danny lecture by Matt Krefting more tba (9pm)

Mahaiwe: Bach at New Year's: The Brandenburg Concerti (6pm)
Lion's Den: B.O.B.
Castle St.: Rob & Pete Putnam, Rob Kelly piano, Jeff Stevens, trumpet
Dream Away Lodge: Milton
Flavours: Crankenstein
Iron Horse: Enter The Haggis (7pm, 10pm)
Calvin: They Might Be Giants (family show, 3pm, 14+, 8pm)
The Elevens: Alchemystics (9pm)
Revolution Hall: John Brown's Body
Red Square: Rimbre Coup, Icy Moons of Jupiter, Jeff Bujak (8pm)
Valentines: Cats Don't Have Souls, Nixon's Spirit, The Killerados (8pm)
Infinity Hall: Poco (9:30pm)
Brick House: Blue Ribbon Boys
Jason's Upstairs Bar: WGXC Masquerade Ball with oodles of folks: Lady Moon, M.A.S.S., Saber Coup, Bella's Bartok, DJ Jackie Thomas, Mother Fletcher, Young Paris, Trixie (MC), Diata Diata, Hudson City Ramblers, Evan Randall,The Magic Stranger, Rob Hervey, DJ Jim McCabe, Ryan Clover & astickandastone, The Bleeding Hearts, Liv Carrow, an aerial performance from Ryder Cooley, and a Norman Douglas radio play are some of the confirmed performers/performances.


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