Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11/13, 2008 FUND DRIVE TIME

Show will be live and different each time so tune in both Wednesday at 6:30 and Friday at 1pm !!!!!

**** FUND DRIVE WEEK 644-9797 ******

Friday June 13

Helsinki 9pm
Sarah Borges
Play The Day We Met

Iron Horse
The New Frontiers - Play Strangers
Denison Witmer - Play 24 turned 25 (alone w/ guitar)

Edie Carey - Play Yes
with Emily Greene

Red Lion Inn
Ras Moon
Let Our Peace Bless this world

Castle Street
Adrian Cohen Duo, Piano
Play Holland (excerpt)

Steve Adams and Snakes on a Stage

Monterey General Store
COmmon Thread

Guthrie Center
Phil Ochs Tribute

Philmont's Main Street Public House
Seth Travins and Friends

Saturday June 14

Helsinki 9pm
Mary Gauthier
Play Mercy Now

Brass Cat (Easthampton)
JOSH OLMSTEAD (Philadelphia, PA) - Play 40th and Baltimore
THIS CAR UP (Boston, MA) - Play Expect them to Lie

Monterey General Store
Ozone Pete
Play Breakdown Lane

Play In the City (Live)

The Egg
Gregg brown - Play Boomtown

La Cocina
Longview Gunslingers
Play as the moon rises

Guthrie Center
Mark Mercier & Scott Murawski

Pittsfield Brew Works
The Wheels - A trio playing a fusion of rock, jazz, and some funk.


Sunday June 15

Helsinki 8pm
Play Into the Mystic (from Light of Mine CD)

Jazz Jam @ the Lichtenstein Center
Lichtenstein Center for the Arts
28 Renne Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201
FREE. Open to all musicians and those who would like to listen.
Contact: Art Niedeck or 442-2665

Harvey Milk (from Athens GA) - Play Sunshine (No Sun) Into The Sun from 1997s Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men
The Devil's Moses

Monday June 16

Tuesday June 17

Pearl Street
Orchestra Baobab - Dee Moo Woor (from 2002s Specialists of all styles CD)

Iron Horse
Jose Gonzalez - Play Teardrop (massive Attack cover)
Twi The Humble Feather - Play Higher than the end (from upcoming Music for spaceships and forests) exclusively acoustic sci-fi adenture - live "tape loops"

Wednesday June 18

Thursday June 19

Marjorie Thompson and Greg Franklin

Alive at Five
Oldies Night at Albany Riverfront Park
FEATURING: Herman's Hermits Starring Peter Noone - Mrs Brown Youve Got a Lovely Daughter
OPENING BAND: New York Players


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