Friday, September 22, 2006

Hear Here September 22, 2006

Friday Sept 22
Lee Greenwood 8pm 413-997-4444
Big in Branson
IOU (1)

HH Theme song with Lucy and the Peanuts gang (2)

Night Owl Records
72 Cottage Street
Easthampton, MA 01027
Phone: 413-527-2444
8pm Valley Independent Artists compilation CD show.
OWEIHOPS - Tortoiseshell 3:08 (3) (from South Deerfield)

Club Helsinki 9pm 528-3394
NICOLE NELSON & DWIGHT RITCHER - Johnny gets High (4) 3:26

Red Square 8pm
388 Broadway Albany
(518) 432-8584
The Tossers - The Valley of the Shadow of Death (5) 6:39
The Designer Drugs

From the South Side of Chicago - Irish Catholic evident in just about every tune.

Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton 8pm 413-527-3700
Edie Carey CD Release Party
with Chelsea Genzano (from New Haven CT) - i am not your girlfriend (6) 3:32

Saturday September 23

Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton 8pm 413-527-3700
Anne Heaton Underdog (7) 3:51
with Carrie Ferguson

Helsinki 9pm 528-3394
TAJ WEEKES & ADOWA - Crash (8) 3:05

Sunday September 24

Pearl Street 8:30 413-586-8686
The Mountain Goats - Woke Up New (9) 2:57
Christine Fellows

Iron Horse 7pm 413-586-8686
Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart - Up in Annies Room (10) 2:57 -- Also Caffe Lena tonight
The Kennedys
"Steve's Little Sis"

Monday September 25

WAMC Arts Center 8pm 518-465-5233 ext. 4
Olabelle - Gone Today (11) 3:28
"The Gospel according to NPR"
Drawing both inspiration and materials from a deep well of rural American roots music--including gospel, blues,

bluegrass, and country--Ollabelle reimagines these sounds for contemporary audiences, honoring the spirit and

substance of the original sources while allowing this music to live and flourish in a post-modern era.

Valentines 8pm 518-432-6572
Eyes to Space - Destructive Behavior (12) 4:05 (:36 music intro)
(from Chapel Hill NC)
Myspace - "ROBOTS, HIDE YOUR DAUGHTERS!!!" with homemade KEYTAR and DEVO sound
With Desperately Obvious, Zahnarzt, Chinese Delivery

Iron Horse 7pm 413-586-8686
Yat-kha - in a gadda da vida (13)
Tuvan Throat Singing album Re-covered

Wednesday Septmber 27

Pearl Street 7pm 413-586-8686
Architecture in Helsinki - The Owls Go (14) 3:35
The Blow

Thomas Dolby at Iron Horse

Thursday September 28

Flywheel 8pm 413-527-9800
ELF POWER (One of Elephant 6's longest running psych-pop outfits return to Flywheel with their expanded lineup!)
GEOFF REACHER (an LED-illuminated haze of caustic, beat-driven hallucinations about girls and death soaked in

classic country, pre-war blues, experimental electronics and rap)
NATIONAL CARPET (local quartet [named from the carpet store down the street], who play catchy, sad, country-pop)
Play Geoff Reacher - Snarling Wheels of Sin (15) 4:16
Play Elf Power - Never Believe (16) 2:35


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There are some really great Branson shows worth seeing! My favorite show is the Shoji.

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