Friday, February 24, 2006

Feb 24, 2006 Hear Here

Hear Here for Friday February 24, 2006

Friday February 24

Iron Horse 10pm 413-586-8686
Apollo Sunshine, Fashion People
Play Fashion People - Fashion People 1:41

Club Helsinki 9pm 528-3394
Sarah Borges Band
Play: I'm gonna live the life I sing about in my song 3:44

Saturday February 25

The Egg 8pm 518-473-1845
Simon Shaheen and the Near Eastern Music Ensemble
Play: Tea in the Sahara 4:55

Razbari Sumthing (Syracuse Ska), Public Access, Stuck in First, The Filthy Animals and Tommy Gutless!
Play: Razbari Sumthing- I Feel Fine 2:01

Club Helsinki 9pm 528-3394
Popa Chubby
Play: Keep on the SUnny Side of Life 3:19

Clark Art Institute 8pm 413.458.2303
Jess Klein
Play: Ribbons 3:53

Valentines 7:30 518-432-6572
Green Carnation (Stoner friendly Black Metal from Norway)
Play: The Burden is Mine Alone 3:11

Flywheel 8pm (413) 527-9800
JASON ANDERSON BAND I wanna take you higher!
HYMNS War, rumours of war, rapture.
Play: Jason Anderson - My Balancing Act - 3:29

Eagles Nest 413-584-9890
Kamikaze Hearts, Levelette, Deer Tick, IDATEL
Play: Idatel - New Uniform 4:50

Sunday February 26

Better Than Toast 3pm
Idatel, Real Live Tigers, Dustin and The Furniture
Play: Real Live Tigers - No Regrets 1:50
Dustin and the Furniture - Mt St Helens Cures Insomnia 4:23

Club Helsinki 12:30pm 528-3394
WBCR-LP Benefit
Work O' The Weavers
Play: Darling Corey 1:56

Monday February 27

Iron Horse 7pm 413-586-8686
7pm Sarah Harmer, The Shiftless Rounders
Play: Sarah Harmer - I am Aglow 2:41
The Shiftless Rounders - Fists in my Pockets 4:34

Flywheel 8:00pm (413) 527-9800
MAN MAN (junk shop jazz-punk quartet from Philly with such instrumentation as "be-deviled bass", "snake guitar", "forethroat" and marimba return to Flywheel after their Jan 2005 levitational experience. New album out on Ace-Fu Records)
NOTHIN BUT NET (guitar, drums, and trombone movie soundtrack-pop-hip-hop from Northampton,MA)
Play: Man Man - Van Helsing Boombox 3:44

Friday, February 17, 2006

February 17, 2006 Hear Here

Lead-in songs:
The Seventy Sevens - God Sends QUAILS (6:40)
Artie Shaw and his Gramercy 5 - when the QUAIL come back to San Quentin (3:21)
Hear Here Theme (:17)
Friday February 17
Club Helsinki
Erin McKeown - The Golden Dream (4:28)
Matty Charles - Valentine Song (3:32)
Night Owl Records 8pm  413-527-2444
Solo Record release show here on Feb. 17th 2006
School for the Dead - The Title Song (from The New You) (3:11)
Iron Horse 10pm 413-586-8686
Cold Duck Complex, Kabir
Play : Kabir - Higher (3:32)
Mass MoCA 8pm 662-2111
Play: Glad Ta Know Ya (Feat. Cochemea Gastelum) (3:30)
Flywheel 7pm (413) 527-9800
NASH LANE Experimental art-rock band from Weston, MA.
Play Space Captain - The Booty (4:07)

Saturday Feb 18
Flywheel 9:30am to noon (413) 527-9800
PANCAKE MOUNTAIN Pancake Mountain always includes pancakes. Also, there will be an open session of “knock knock” jokes to
anyone who wants to take the mic. This program is supported in part by a grant from the Easthampton Cultural Council, a
local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.
RON RESETARITS A Joseph Cotton esque starry eyed troubadour.
DEEDLE DEEDLE DEES Brooklyn-based kids' band that plays grownup-friendly kid rock. The band features odd history lessons,
funny stories and all with catchy and eclectic melodies and a tight band.
Like a kids version of Sarah Vowell - They especially enjoy teaching kids about revolutionaries, criminals, and troubled
souls in American history. Songs like "Aaron Burr," "John Brown," "Anne Bonney," and "John Wilkes Booth"
Play: Deedle Deedle Dees - Anne Bonney (3:37)

Iron Horse 7pm 413-586-8686
Matthew Hebert - Brian Wilson (2:16)
Ellis Paul - New Orleans (2:15)
Valentines 9pm 518-432-6572
Downstairs @ 9pm
Dirty On Purpose / Margo and the Nuclear So and So's / Scientific Maps
Play: Dirty on Purpose - Girls and Sunshine (3:13)
      Scientific Maps - The Octopus is Going Home (2:36)
WAMC Linda Norris Perf Arts Center
Wildfire - straight to you (2:44)
Club Helsinki 9pm 413-528-3394
Babaloo - melissa (4:09)
PUNK MAMBO MADNESS! -- but this track is a slow one.
Sunday Feb 19

*** Pick of the WEEK ***
Better Than Toast 3pm 454 Broadway, Saratoga Springs (intimate setting, no amps no mics)
a secondhand clothing and record store in downtown Saratoga Springs
The Extraordinaires - Ribbons of War concept CD with hand screened cover and old timey library card (like we use in Lee)
Micah Blue Smaldone
Extraordinaires - Row Part II  (4:32)
  - Heatheroo (from live BSR radio perf Mar 2005) (1:31)
  - Youve got a boyfriend (from live BSR radio perf Mar 2005) (2:36)
*** Pick of the WEEK ***
Monday Feb 20
Flywheel - the Extraordinaires 9pm
Club Helsinki  8pm 413-528-3394
CJ Chenier & the red hot Louisiana Band
Play: Coochie Coo Wi'chou (3:27)
Wednesday Feb 22
Flywheel 7:00pm  (413) 527-9800
AMERICAN BUSINESS MACHINES Garage Punk Rock N Roll from Western Mass.
CRACKJAW Post Hardcore/indie rock from Detroit,MI
RUNNING WITH KARMA Indie rock from wmass!
THE MODERN DAY SAINT Post Hardcore/indie rock from Western Mass on EyeBall Records.
Play: THE MODERN DAY SAINT - Reverse Alchemy (3:29)
Thursday, February 23, 2006
Flywheel 7:30 pm (413) 527-9800
SICK LLAMA claustrophobic bad trip psychedalia!
COTTON MUSEUM meticulously conceived krauttronic percolations? come and find out for yerself! p.s. this is gonna be a record
release show for their split l.p. with t.mooore
NORTHAMTON WOOLS moore&nace interpret smokey and the bandit 3!
SECRET DIARY donna parker+ jessica rylan= awesomeness
rock over london, rock on yipsilante!
Play: Donna Parker - Who Wants to Fight Me (4:12)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feb 10, 2006 Hear Here

February 10th - Friday
Valentines 9pm 518-432-6572
3rd Annual Kissy Kiss Love Affair w / Complicated Shirt / ZAHNARZT / Fatal Film
Fatal Film - Pink Dawn 2:13
Northern Lights 7:30 518-371-0012
Winterpills, Brian Kaplan Band, Hector on Stilts, My Last Sunrise
Winterpills - Threshing Machine 3:31
The Elevens 10pm (413) 586-9155
The Fawns / The Jack Grace Band / The Buckners
Buckners - Here Comes Your Boyfriend 4:21
Jack Grace Band - When I Drink Whiskey 2:49
The Egg 8pm 518-473-1845
David Bromberg Band - I Like to Sleep Late in the Mornings 3:26

February 11th - Saturday
Club Helsinki 9pm 413-528-3394
Citizens Band - featuring Chris Neumann
Play: something -- CD at the studio
**** PICK OF THE WEEK ****
First Presbyterian Church in Hudson 6pm 518-828-4275
Luxury Flats, Denison Witmer, P.G. Six, Micah Blue Smaldone, and Alex Lukashevsky
Denison Witmer - Little Flowers 4:30
P.G. Six - Old Man on the Mountain 5:04
**** PICK OF THE WEEK ****
Brass Cat  (413) 527-4085
Heygoods - Come Around 3:21
Valentines 9pm 518-432-6572
The Wasted / Lincoln Money Shot / Brent Gortonand the Tender Breasts
The Wasted - Myth of Creation 3:21
Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton 7pm 413-527-3700
New Music From Behind The Tofu Curtain
Fence Kitchen, The Believers, Low Beam, The Horn and Voice Astro Orchestra (P. Flaherty & D. Foole), Magik Markers
Low-Beam - Alderaan 4:10
Red Square 9pm 518-432-8584
Vermont Jazz Trio/Jam Band Vorcza
Vorcza - Three Car Church 4:02
Iron Horse 10pm  413-586-8686
Fear Nuttin' Band, Audible Mainframe
Audible Mainframe - One 3:06
WED FEB 15th
Pearl Street 8:30pm 413-586-8686
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Elefant, The Morning After Girls (Austrailia)
The Morning After Girls - Straight Through You 3:00
BRMC - Gospel Song 4:34

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