Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hear Here for November 27 - December 3, 2009

Castle St.: The BTUs
Dream Away: Bernice Lewis
The Room @ Rebel Sound: Doomsday Virus, DJ Deify, DJ Purple (8pm)
Iron Horse: 7pm: Roomful of Blues
Iron Horse: 10pm: The Equalites
Pearl St.: The Sighs, Ray Mason Band
Elevens: Witch, Tunnel of Love, Cinema Cinema
Red Square: Zach Deputy, Roots of Creation (10pm)
Revolution Hall: Hair of the Dog, Road to Galway
Caffe Lena: Woods Tea Company (8pm)
Valentines: The Charlie Watts Riots, 5 Alpha Beatdown (9pm)
Times Union Center: Phish (sold out)
Bearsville Theater: Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams
Infinity Hall: Cheryl Wheeler, Seth Glier (7:30pm)
Lion's Den: Deja Vu

Bogies: Crankenstein
Castle St.: Peg Delaney, Piano
Dream Away: Bobby Sweet
The Room @ Rebel Sound: The Shondes, Gimlet Slip, The Disaster March, Touching Mrs. Nash (7pm)
Iron Horse: 7pm: Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
Iron Horse: 10pm: Ciderhouse
Calvin: Hot Tuna (8pm)
Elevens: Fistah, Mother Holly
Red Square: Zach Deputy, Heavy Pets (10pm)
Caffe Lena: Brooks Williams, Gail Wade (8pm)
Northern Lights: Rat-a-tatt 4 featuring, Full Blown Chaos, Inhuman, All For Revenge, Streetsweeper, Letchworth, Apathy Arising, Tentacles, Deadlift, Stript Smyle, Driven Further, Belligerance, Hands Up, Circle 9, Renewal of Faith, Distopic, Goatfight, Of Gods and Destroyers (12pm)
Valentines: Robofrance29, Jeff Tario Band (8pm, upstairs)
Valentines: Chuck Prophet, Grainbelt (9pm, downstairs)
Infinity Hall: Jeff Pevar (8pm)
Lion's Den: The True Tones
Lark Tavern: Knotworking

Iron Horse: Viva Quetzal (7pm)
Red Square: OiP, hatetank, Tradewinds, Seeking Infinity, The Fugue State, The Scarver Protocol, Lost Since a Thought, Kill All Betrayers, Fate Doesn't Forgive (6pm, all ages)
Times Union Center: Phish (sold out)
Bearsville Theater: The Brew
Infinity Hall: Coco Montoya, Jen Lowe (7:30pm)
Lion's Den: Jeffrey Folmer
Old Parish Church (Sheffield): Woods Tea Co. (2pm)

Iron Horse: Coco Montoya (Guitarist in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers & Albert Collins' Icebreakers) (7pm)

Iron Horse: Hoots and Hellmouth, Rusty Belle (7pm)
Lion's Den: Tom Corrigan

Mission Bar: Barefoot Truth (8pm)

Main St. Public House: Jonathan Talbott & Friends
Dream Away: David Wax Museum
Iron Horse: Marco Benevento Trio (10pm)
Calvin: Josh Ritter, The Low Anthem (8pm)
Pearl St. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Rubblebucket Orchestra (9pm)
The Linda: West Point Band's Jazz Knights (7pm)
Valentines: Cornmeal, The Horseshoe Lounge Playboys (8pm)
Lion's Den: David Grover