Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 28, 2006 Hear Here

Friday April 28

Music - Peter Serkin to perform at Simon’s Rock College of Bard, 8 pm, Simon’s Rock College of Bard, McConnell Theater of the Daniel Arts Center, Great Barrington, 413-528-7395, He will perform Beethoven's mightiest sonata, the "Hammerklavier," along with works of Bach, Josquin Desprez, Byrd and Bull. Tickets are $25; $20 for seniors; free for all students from any school with student identification
Play: mvmt 2 of Hammerklavier by Eugene Albulescu 2:49

Flywheel 8pm (413) 527-9800

THE CAN KICKERS (our good ol' friends from down New London way. a guaranteed good time, with or without electricity)
THE PINE HILL HAINTS (alabama ghost country music)
SHOUT LULA (hypnotic erotic trance inducing music based on american old time music from VT)
Play: PHS - Wayfaring Stranger 2:28
CK - Dingus Day 1:27

Saturday April 29

WAMC Perf Arts Center Call 518-465-5233 ext. 4 for tickets.
Tom Russell
Play: A little Wind Could Blow Me Away (Peter Case cover) 5:46

Victoria Williams will perform at the Berkshire Museum, 8 pm, The Berkshire Museum, 39 South Street on Route 7, Pittsfield, 413-443-7171x10, Tickets are $25 in advance ($22 for members), or $28 at the door, and are available at the Berkshire Museum or by telephoning.
Play: Keep Sweeping Cobwebs Off the Moon 3:02

Helsinki 9pm 528-3394
Trumystic is a 7 piece live dub alliance on the cutting edge of modern music.
Play: Black Like You 3:58

Night Owl Records 7:30pm 413-527-2444
New York-based singer/songwriter-spoken word artist is known for her progressive, contemporary jazz-infused folk. Kristen interweaves smooth guitar, sultry vocals, politically immediate lyrics and spoken word to create a totally unique sound.
Play: Never Love 4:27

Sunday April 30

Red Square Albany 4pm early show (518) 432-8584
Sam Champion, Slim Pickens, The Red Hopes, and Still Breather - Furiosa 5:27

Helsinki 8pm
Mark Erelli
Play: Imaginary Wars

Pearl Street 8:30pm 413-586-8686
Blackalicious - Black Diamonds and Pearls 4:23
7L & Esoteric - Word Association 3:34

Tuesday May 2

Iron Horse 7pm 413-586-8686
Harry and the Potters - from Norwood Mass - they play songs about books
School for the Dead
Play: The Human Hosepipe

Thurs May 4

Pearl Street 8:30
State Radio, Zox (Co-bill), with
Bedouin Soundclash - When the Night Feels My Song 3:07

Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 21, 2006 Hear Here

Friday April 21

The Elevens 7pm
Patricia Vonne, Ray Mason Band
Play: Guitarras y Castanuelas

Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton 8pm
Mark Schwaber, Yucky Octopus
Play: Torture Ground

Club Helsinki 9pm
Dub as a Weapon
Play: Leave I & I

Saturday April 22

Club Helsinki 9pm
Aphrodesia & Shokazoba
Play: Aphrodesia - Trouble

Willimastown Jazz Festival
'62 Center 8pm
Stefon Harris & Blackout
Play: Blackout

Beardslee Castle Eidolon III
Starts at 4pm
Q-Burns Abstract Message (House-Astralwerks & Eight Dimension)
Jack McDevitt (Breakbeat)
BillyBob and Depth (House)
Jen Haley (House)
Scooby and H-Bomb (Breakbeat)
Jay Balance and Mikey Parkay (Electrofunk)
Lodge Johnson (House)
Sean Place and Kemp (House & Techno)
Luis Elusivo and Shaun Josef (Progressive House)
DA and Reinz (House-Evolve)
El Chupacabras
Asrael (Drum & Bass)
Ransom (Drum & Bass)
Miz-Eysis w/ MC Trust (Drum & Bass)
Scruff McGruff (Drum & Bass)
Mentally Ill (Drum & Bass)
Force (Drum & Bass)
KrazyGlue (Drum & Bass)
Milkdud (Drum & Bass)
The bands performing this year will be:
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Psylab (
Tree Wizards (
The Sixfifteens (
Teknique (
Play: Psylab - Cerebral Injection

Sunday April 23

Club Helsinki 12:30
WBCR-LP Benefit Brunch
Bernice Lewis
Play: Normal's just a setting on the Washing Machine

Lark Tavern 3pm
453 Madison Ave Albany
Paddy Kilrain Benefit Concert
3:00 Valerie Webb
3:15 Alycia Ercums
3:30 Knotworking
3:50 Mitch Elrod & Ben Himmelfarb
4:05 Terry Phelan
4:20 Hannah Imbesi
4:35 Steve Moss
4:50 Rob Jonas
5:05 Jason Martin
5:20 Rhumpas (drum ensemble)
5:30 Laura Boggs
5:45 Sarita
6:00 Byrds of Prey
6:20 Frank Jaklistch
6:45 John Brodeur
7:05 Late Like Us
7:30 Brian Bassett
7:50 ?!? Mystery Guest ?!?
8:10 Bryan Thomas
8:35 MotherJudge, Mitch Elrod & Steve Candlen
9:00 Pirate School

Play: Alycia Ercums - I'm Sorry (I Don't Apologize)
Bryan Thomas - Sam

The link to the photo essay by Brenda Ann Kenneally:

Monday April 24

Iron Horse 8:30pm
The Bell Orchestre (feat. members of Arcade Fire), Snailhouse
Play: Snailhouse - Radio
The Bell Orchestre - Les lumineres Pt 1

Friday, April 14, 2006

April 14, 2006 Hear Here

Friday April 14

Club Helsinki 8:30 528-3394
Play: You will rise again 5:35

Iron Horse 7pm 413-586-8686
Jesse Malin, The Figgs
Play: JM- Scars of Love (from 2004 the heat album) 3:26
(like Ryan Adams (Producer)/Son Volt)

Forum Lounge Kingston NY 9pm 845.331.1116
744 Broadway
The Charms
Play: Pussycat 2:36

Northern Lights 7:30pm (518) 371-0012
Driven Further
In Traction
Through the Fold
Drop Face
Hot Like A Robot (San Diego)
Play: Hot Like a Robot - Ryans Basement 3:14

Flywheel (413) 527-9800
ERIN TOBEY "You grow up listening to noisy bands and playing in noisy bands, and eventually

you realize that there are some things you want to say that people need to understand right

away without much strain. What do you do? You play guitar quieter and by yourself. Sing

clearly. Show a slideshow. Put it all out there, man. Don't mess around. "
Play: McFeeleys - We Need some Robots 2:03
Erin Tobey - Scarlet Letters 1:54

Valentines 9pm 518-432-6572
Pants Yell, Brent Gorton and the Tender Breasts, The Gazeteers
Play: Pants Yell - Your Feelings Don't Show 2:45
Gazeteers - Vacationland 2:17

Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton 8pm 413-527-3700
Gregory Douglass & Antje Duvekot
Play: Gregory Douglass - Sail the Sea

Saturday April 15

Friday and Saturday
Williamstown Jazz Festival (413) 597-2425 for tkts
Craig Harris’ multimedia musical drama
God’s Trombones,’62 Center, 8:00 p.m.
Play: track 7:12

The Elevens 7pm 413-586-9155
The Bee's Knees with the Shepherds
Play: Point of View 1:56

Iron Horse 7pm 413-586-8686
The Stone Coyotes, Jen Tobey
Play: Situation out of control 3:59

La Cocina 9 or 10pm (413) 499-6363
Natives of the New Dawn (Detroit) Soul/Hip-Hop like Arrested Development
Mr. Bill Collector 4:00

Club Helsinki 9pm 413-528-3394
THE CITIZEN BAND (Chris Neumann)

Sunday April 16

Monday April 17
The Elevens 10pm 413-586-9155
Dark Skies - from Portland
Play: In the Dark 2:30

Tuesday April 18

The Egg 7:30pm 518-473-1845
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Play: Couch Potato 3:04
(Jazz/Bluegrass fusion)

Bishop's Lounge (413) 586-8900
41 Strong Avenue Northampton, MA
18-Apr-2006 9:00 PM Lara Herscovitch
18-Apr-2006 10:00 PM Frank Critelli & Shandy Lawson
18-Apr-2006 11:00 PM Witt Wisebram - play March 11, 2005 7:01

Friday, April 07, 2006

April 7, 2006 Hear Here

Friday, April 7, 2006

Castle Street Cafe 413-528-5244
Lee Shaw Trio
Sea Changes

Palace Theater 8pm 518-465-3334
Michael Buble'
Play: Can't Buy Me Love

7:30pm - U.S. Coast Guard Band to Perform Free Concert, Boys and Girls Club, Melville Street, Pittsfield, Free and open to the public, 499-9345, This concert is free and open to the public, however, tickets are required. For a maximum of four tickets, visit the Mayor’s Office in City Hall or the city of Pittsfield RSVP office, 16 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield.
Play: US Public Health Service March

Flywheel 8PM -------(413) 527-9800
Play: GARY WILSON - Linda Wants to Be Alone
HNATIW - THe click the wire makes

Club Helsinki 9pm 528-3394
Play: Just Another Railroad Train

The Lion's Den 9pm 413-298-1654
Justin Mneimneh
Play: Dive in Deep

Iron Horse 10pm 413-586-8686
Canela CD Release
Play: Sublime Ilucion

Saturday April 8, 2006

Club Helsinki 9pm
Play: LRDN - Runma Internacionale
SSP - Seva

The Basement 10pm 413-586-8686
Ray Mason
Play: Pretty Bye Bye

Sunday April 9
The Egg 8pm 518-473-1845
The Dresden Dolls
Play: Good Day

Wednesday April 12

Northern Lights
Mute Math
Play: MM - Control 4:37

The Egg 7:30pm 518-473-1845
Robert Earl Keen
Play: A Border Tragedy

Saturday, April 01, 2006

March 31, 2006 Hear Here

Friday March 31

Pearl Street 8:30 413-586-8686
The Walkmen, Mobius Band, Spouse
Play: Mobius Band - The Loving Sounds of Static 4:06 (39 sec intro)
Spouse - Army Song 2:50

RPI Ground Zero Basement 8pm
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Princess & Hot Gurl Party
Play: Horses - Empty Head 2:52
Princess - Autograph 3:52

Club Helsinki 9pm 413-528-3394
Eileen Jewell Band CD Release
Solitude 3:09

Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton 8pm 413-527-3700
Edie Carey - with our hands (fm 2003 CD when i was made) 3:55
Elana Arian

Saturday April 1
Common Grounds 8pm FUMC Pittsfield 55 Fenn 413-499-0866
Northern Lights - climb a tall mountain (1993 wrong hwy blues) 3:27

Clark Art Institute 8pm (413) 458-2303
Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams will perform their whimsical blend of folk, rock, hillbilly, and pop at 8 p.m. during the last concert in the "From Woodstock to Somewhere Near There..." series. For tickets, call (413) 458-0524. 225 South St., Williamstown.
Play: Rocket from Flapjacks in the Sky 3:26

Red Square 9pm (518) 432-8584
Broadcast Live (Hip Hop w/ a message) - Universal Thoughts 3:35

Valentines 7pm 518-432-6572
5 Til Midnight / Skadee / Sunday Girl
Play: Skadee - Terror 2:45

Turning Stone Casino in Verona NY past Utica
Blotto / The Flashcubes
Oneida Indian Nation
Play: Theme from the Munsters 1:37

The Elevens 7pm (413) 586-9155
Kamikaze Hearts, Lonesome Brothers, Whiskey Ina
Play KH - Weekend In Western Ny (live at WSPN Skidmore) 3:26

Club Helsinki 9pm 413-528-3394
Simple Machines and Red Heart the Ticker
Play: RHTT - Steel Toe Drinking 2:52

Sunday April 2

Better Than Toast 3pm 454 Broadway Saratoga Springs
Steve Moss - Without You 3:42

Bach and Bayond Concert 11:45am - St James Church (Main and Taconic) 413-528-1460
Organist Charles Olegar
Play: Cesar Franck - Prelude, Fugue and Variations (without the Prelude) performed performed by david schrager 7:05

Iron Horse 7pm
Sonya Kitchell Band, John Francis
lay: SK - Let Me Go 3:35

Club Helsinki 8pm 413-528-3394
Burning Spear - Fix Me 3:56

Monday April 3

Club Helsinki 8pm 413-528-3394
Burning Spear again

Iron Horse 8:30pm
West Indian Girl, Red Door Exchange
Play: WIG - Trip 4:21 (40 sec intro)

The Egg 8pm 518-473-1845
Medeski Martin and Wood acoustic performance
Play: Mami Gato 4:09