Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hear Here July 28, 2006

Friday July 28

Castle Street
Stephanie Nakasian [Play: All of Me]

Jane Bunnett and the Spirits of Havana [Play Arrival (3:11)]

Iron Horse 7pm
Mary Gauthier, Jeremy Wallace
[Play: I Drink]

Guthrie Center 8pm (413) 528-1955
Guitarist Jodi Martin - [Screwed Up (2:49)]

Berkshire College in Pittsfield, MA 7pm
Monkey Gone Mad - Thank You
Hector on Stilts, & Channel

Valentines Downstairs @ 8pm 518-432-6572
The Reverse - Tell Your Mother
Happy Returns [Jason Spiro] - Clonez
Chris Brokaw
wsg The Reverse / Tara Needham and Todbot / Poem Rocket / Jason Spiro

Flywheel 6:30
THE MCFEELYS Fast Hardcore/punk out of Western Mass.
RELICS Hardcore/Punk from Amherst,MA.
THE MARKED MEN Garage Punk Rock N Roll from Denton,Tx on Swami Records. [Someday

and a Little Time]
THE IRRITATORS Fast Hardcore/punk from Wmass. Ex members of: Last In Line, The

Strikers, Wishful Thinkinng, The prowl and all the other good bands they where in.
POLAR BEAR CLUB Punk/Indie from Rochester,NY [Resent and Resistance]

Saturday July 29

Bishop's Lounge 10pm-1:30am (413) 586-8900
Audible mainframe - Nobody's Nomad

Elevens 10pm
Alchemystics - Rap Star

WAMC Perf Arts Center 2:49
Slaid Cleaves - Millionaire

Sunday July 30
Jeremy Wallace - Lickin My Lips

Tuesday August 1

Flywheel 7pm
7pm $6
AMPERE Short. Fast. Loud. Amherst Punx.
LA QUIETE Amazing emotive hardcore from Italy!!!
PHOENIX BODIES Screamy hardcore, grind, and thrash from Indiana. ex-Mara'akate
TINY HAWKS 2-piece melodic punk from Providence, RI

Play Tiny Hawks - the things you belong to and those that belong to you
La Quiete - Raid areo sul paese delle farfalle

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hear Here July 14, 2006

Friday, July 14

Hiromi - Music for a 3 piece orchestra - reverse (5:09)

La Cocina
Revision - Boomerang - Live at WRPI 3-2-06 (2:12)

Guthrie Center 8pm 528-1955
Arlo Guthrie

First United Methodist Church
Johnny Winter and his legendary slide guitar, doors open at 5 p.m., local bands perform at 6:30 p.m. 43 Fenn St., Pittsfield. For reservations, call (413) 499-5065 or (413) 499-0457. - Play: Dallas (2:45)

Elevens 10pm 413-586-9155
Drunk Stuntmen
I See Hawks in L.A - I See Hawks in L.A. (5:55)

Flywheel (413) 527-9800
NOTEKILLERS - Airport (4:15)
PEWTER TARP (pewter trust + tarp = greatness! members of conrad capistran! joshua burkett! ron schneiderman!)

Saturday July 15

The Basement 10pm
Mary Kate O Neil - Stay
Jose Ayerve

Guthrie Center 8pm 528-1955
Bill Morrissey - Harrys Last Call

Mass MoCA 8pm 662-2111
M Shanghai String Band - Money Up (2:16)

Royal Sound - More than Beautiful (4:06)

Monday July 17

Valentines 7pm 518-432-6752
Richard Buckner - The Last Ride (2:57)
Luxury Flats (Acoustic)

Elevens 10pm 413-586-9155
Abeja - Gravity (4:28)
Clock Hands Strangle - The Soul of the Universe (4:44)
Space Captain

Tuesday July 18, 2006

Clark Art Institute 6:00 PM (FREE)
Woods Tea Company

Combining exceptional music skilled with wit and humor, this musical group defies categorization by performing Celtic tunes, bluegrass, sea shanties, and folk songs with equal ease and skill.
Bring a picnic, blankets, lawn chairs, and your family and friends to the Clark's South Lawn for this Williamstown tradition. The galleries remain open until 6:00 p.m. on band concert evenings. In the event of rain, the concerts will be held in the auditorium.

Thursday July 20

Pearl Street 8:30
Konono No. 1 (Congotronics) - Kule Kule (4:33)

Friday, July 07, 2006

July 7 2006 Hear Here

Friday July 7

Opening Night at Tanglewood
Boston Symphony Orchestra
July 7, 2006 8:30 PM
SCHOENBERG Chamber Symphony No. 1, Op. 9b

Iron Horse 7 & 9:30 Fri and Sat 413-586-8686
Johnny A - i had to laugh
FOUR shows -- Recording a new live album

Pearl Street 8:30pm ballroom 413-586-8686
subdudes - no vacancy

Flywheel (413) 527-9800
HYDRAULIC SANDWICH Pop Punk / Punk / Rock loud, fast, melodic, and upbeat punk with a touch of pop and some ska influences.
SUE - PLAY: Your Lullaby

Helsinki 9pm 528-3394

Guthrie Center 8pm 528-1955
Work O The Weavers

Saturday Juny 8

Guthrie Center 8pm 528-1955
Oscar Brand - Give my regards to Mayor Laguardia

Mass MoCA 662-2111
The Rosenbach Company
Ben Katchor and composer Mark Mulcahy (co-creators of The Slugbearers of Kayrol Island) return to MASS MoCA with a new pop musical that mixes

Katchor's projected animated images with live actors, singers, and musicians.
". . . a sung-through biodrama? a chamber rock opera? a meeting of the museum establishment with the music underground?-it is thrilling,

charming, and altogether a knockout." -
Play: The Baby Song

Mahaiwe 8pm 413-528-0100
Regina Carter - chatanooga Choo Choo

Empire State Plaza noon to 10pm (877) 659-4377
Northeast Blues Society's BluesFest
Daniel "Slick" Ballinger, Diunna Greenleaf, Mighty Sam McClain, Larry McCray, Matt Mirabile & Alison Jacobs, Reverend Raven & His Chain Smokin'

Altar Boys, Mississippi Heat, Poppa Tas Cru, Joe Price and Ann Rabson, Chicago Blues Reunion (Play "Born in Chicago")

Helsinki 9pm 528-3394
Trumystic - roots

Red Square 9pm (518) 432-8584
Okemah - first time

Flywheel 5:30pm (413) 527-9800
LESE MAJESTY from Durango Colorado
CHRISTOPHER CARMODY christopher is going to rule.
MIAMI HEAT it's miami heat!
this is going to be a quick show so come on time. there will be some food for everyone to eat. the touring bandz need your supports!

Sunday July 9

Calvin Theater 8pm 413-586-8686
Clayhill - buy me a suit
Beth Orton - shadow of a doubt

Challahpalooza at Lenox Memorial High School 7pm
Greg Wall and Klezmerfest - Wedding Dance
M Generation - Jewish Children's Choir
BIMA Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday July 12

Iron Horse 7pm 413-586-8686
Big Sandy and his fly-rite boys - heaven is the other way
Whiskey Ina