Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hear Here for September 25 - October 1, 2009

Castle St. Cafe: The BTUs
Main St. Public House: Thunda Vida Reggae (9pm)
Flavours: Sifer & Malicious Tendencies
Rebel Sound: Speak of the Horse, BBQ Bash, With the Punches (7pm)
Dreamaway Lodge: The Whiskey Romance
PACE: Singers in the round with Brooke Brown Saracino, Hiram Ring & Elizabeth Colegrove (8pm)
Iron Horse: 7pm: Seven Nations, Dicey Riley
Iron Horse: 10pm: Polvo, New Radiant Storm King
Red Square: Rolling Blunder Revue w/ The Traveling Salesman & Friends (6pm)
Red Square: Duchess & the Afro-Dub Rebels (9pm)
Caffe Lena: Michael Jerling Trio
The Linda: Chandler Travis Philharmonic (8pm)
Revolution Hall: Ryan Montbleau Band, Nate Wilson Group
Northern Lights: She Wants Revenge, Kill Hannah, Alta Mira
Ground Zero @ RPI: Br'er, Animal Hospital, Ben Esposito (8pm)
Arts Center of the Capital Region (256 River Street in Troy): Constant rotating 10 minute sets --- Tape manipulation and electronics from G. Lucas Crane (Nonhorse and Woods) and Eric Hardiman (Rambutan, Burnt Hills, Century Plants), guitar improv, vocals and feedback loops from Ray Hare (Fossils From the Sun, Burnt Hills, Century Plants), circuit bent and homemade electronic wizardy from Pete Edwards, modified electric banjo and electronics from Holland Hopson, and improvised percussion and electronics from Matt Weston. Video projections by Jason Cosco. (5-9pm, 256 River Street in Troy)

Castle St.: Paul Arslanian duo, piano
Flavours: County LIne
Mission Bar: The Accident That Led Me to the World
Rebel Sound: The Stereo State, Maker, Roses for the Departed, Track 13, Shoot to Kill (7pm)
Dreamaway Lodge: Abi Tapia
Academy of Music: A Tribute to Pete Seeger with Nerissa & Katryna Nields, David Bernz (of Work O' The Weavers), Jim Henry, Chris Thompson, Carrie Ferguson, Chris Scanlon, Emily Greene, Diane Sanabria, Claire Dacey, Bruce King. (7pm,
Iron Horse: 7pm: Peter Mulvey, Brianna Lane - "The Long Haul Bike Tour)
Iron Horse: 10pm: The Antlers, Elizabeth and the Catapult co-bill
The Tavern, Hampshire College: Wasteland Jazz Unit, Tiger Hatchery, Burnt Hills, Family Treasures, The Great Drought (8pm)
Red Square: Taina Asili (8pm)
Caffe Lena: The Doc Marshalls
The Linda: Beatlemania Again (8pm)
Revolution Hall: Blues for Breakfast (performing music of the Greatful Dead), The Midnight Riders (Allman Brothers Tribute)
Ground Zero @ RPI: Life in Vacuum, Sassachu, more TBA (8pm)
Sanctuary for Independent Media: Kombucha tea party, Where Are You Go screening, Charlie Don't Surf, My Survival Kit, Restys (6pm)
The Elevens: The Angels Share, August is Over, Pallet (9pm)

Dreamaway Lodge: Wang Dang Doodle Blues and Gospel Show
Iron Horse: The Emmitt-Nershi Band, Nathan Moore (8:30pm)
Caffe Lena: Rosalie Sorrels
The Egg: Robin Trower (8pm)
The Elevens: Aeolian Race, Danger Bird (Black Pyramid), more cir

Iron Horse: The Ditty Bops (7pm)


Iron Horse: Hot Buttered Rum (8:30pm)
Proctor's Theater: Faust, Century Plants, Holland Hopson
Northern Lights: Senses Fail, A Skylit Drive, Closure in Moscow, Fact

Main St. Public House: Minivans (8p)
PACE: Greg Alexander CD Release (8pm)
Iron Horse: Vienna Teng and Alex Wong, The Paper Raincoat (7pm)
Calvin: Brandi Carlile, Katie Herzig (8pm)
The Egg: Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hear Here for September 11 - 17

Mahaiwe: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (8pm)
Railway Cafe: Bernice Lewis (7:30pm,
Dreamaway Lodge: Robin O'Herin
Iron Horse: BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet (7pm)
Pearl St.: Chris Berry Trio (CB-3) featuring Steve Kimock, Michael Kang of String Cheese Inciden and members of Brazilian Girls (9pm)
The Elevens: Swill Merchants/ Fiesta Brava/ Problem With Dragons/ The Devil’s Moses/ Garrett Jackson. (9pm)
Caffe Lena: John Gorka, Meg Hutchinson (8pm)
Revolution Hall: Super 400 ("Sweet Fist" CD release party), Matthew Loiacono, Tern Rounders
The Linda: Joshua Radin, Gary Jules, Amber Rubarth (8pm)
EMPAC: Boredoms, Deerhunter (8pm)

Dewey Hall: Yankee Notions: Jim Douglas and Tim Van Egmond, accomplished singers, storytellers and musicians, perform traditional and contemporary New England folk music on the guitar, English concertina, pennywhistle, and both the hammered and Appalachian dulcimer. (7pm,
Colonial Theatre: Paul Winter Consort (7:30pm)
Sandisfield Arts Center: Kenn Morr (8pm)
Flavours: Pariah (10pm)
PS21: Christine Lavin (6pm,
Rebel Sound Records: Bring out Your Dead, Undying Morals, When I Came Back From Death, Blessings of Ruins (7pm)
Dreamaway Lodge: Marjorie Thompson and Greg Franklin
Iron Horse: 7pm: Sondre Lerche, JBM
Iron Horse: 10pm: Big Bad Bullocks (halfway to St. Patty's Day)
Pearl St.: Break Science featuring Adam Deitch (10pm)
PACE: Chris Scanlon and Span of Sunshine (8pm)
Elevens: Cold Duck Complex/Freshwater/ DOOMSTAR!/ U.AM/ The Beautiful Frightening. (9PM)
Northern Lights: Stryper, Flight Patterns, Dust and Ashes
Red Square: Timbre Coup, Events are Objects (8pm)
Caffe Lena: Frank Wakefield Band
Revolution Hall: Aquanett

Iron Horse: Stephen Kellog & The Sixers, Jeffrey Gaines (7pm)
Caffe Lena: Yosl Kurland (3pm)
Caffe Lena Old Blind Dogs, Long Time Courting (7pm)
Valentines: Ingrid Michaelson (7:30pm)

Iron Horse: Death Vessel, Mark Schwaber, Ella Longpre (8:30pm)
The Elevens: George Myers presents experimental bands and DJs: Social Junk (Philadelphia)/ Human Beast (Providence). 9PM.
Jason's Upstairs Bar: Akron Family (8pm)

Iron Horse: Chad & Jeremy, Ray Mason (7pm)
The Elevens: Jason and Ryan, The Fawns, Goldwater (7pm)

Iron Horse: The Cave Singers, Lightning Dust, MV & EE (8:30pm)

Rebel Sound Records: Fields of Gaffney, The Inheritance, Document, Apathy of Longevity (7pm)
Dreamaway Lodge: The David Wax Museum
Iron Horse: The Brew (10pm)
Red Square: A Lull, Shredded Coconut (8pm)

Proctor's: Faust (Sept. 30)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hear Here September 2 and 4, 2009

Friday September 4 -

Mass MoCA
Son Lux
play Break

Mission Bar
Kate Klim (moved to Nashville this summer)
Play What have you done

Guthrie Center
Mac Talla Mor (Celtic Music for the masses)
Play Dancing Feet Set from 2006 Jacobs Ladder CD

Rebel 7pm
Foreign Objects - play Fixed Failure
Gimlet Slip - Headache
Foreign Bodies

Main Street Public House
Abby Lappen - play shucking an oyster

Ground Zero Basement 8pm
The Red Lions - play Bay of Naples
+Scientific Maps
++Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo - play This Mayfly Life

Red Square 8pm
Jimkata - Play Ping Pong
with Sugarproof

Castle Street
Rob Putnam, Guitar & Vocals; Rob Kelly, Piano; Jeff Stevens, Trumpet; Pete

Putnam , Drums

Saturday September 5 -

Guthrie Center
Aztec Two Step - Play All I want

Castle Street
Mike Baggetta Duo, guitar
Play Falling Grace (by the Trio)

Noise Union
11 Union Ct. Easthampton MA 6-10pm
+ Tim Sheldon (?),
Cave Bears - play Jazz Hands
The Universes, Belltone Suicide, etc

Sunday September 6

Mass MoCA
Escort -- live Disco Orchestra from Brooklyn
Play all through the night

The Elevens
Joe Jack Talcum - Play Methodist Coloring Book (Dead Milkmen)
The Bassturd, and Samuel Locke-Ward
Mathematicians - play XOXO
140 Pleasant S, Northampton, Massachusetts

Florence VFW 7pm
Subculture Stereo (CD Release Show), -- play Electrify
with The Uncomfortables,
Alottle, - play THe You Boat
and The Plague.
All ages
Bar next door

18 Meadow St.
Northampton, MA

Tuesday September 8


Wednesday September 9

Revolution Hall 8pm
Eric Hutchinson
Play Rock and Roll

Plan Ahead

Friday September 11

New Nothing Series- Boredoms: BOADRUM 9 with Deerhunter, 8 pm, EMPAC @

Rensselaer, 110 8th St., Troy, 518-276-3921, Two bands, nine (make that ten)

drummers, and an evening of noise/music that’s experienced not just with the

ear but the entire body.
Deerhunter -- play Nothing Ever Happened (fm. Microcastle)